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Popular Gate Types You Can Consider For Your Property

Popular Gate Types

If you are renovating your property, you should focus on the building’s exteriors as well. For instance, the gate on your property is a significant part and requires your attention. You must never pick any gate for your property randomly. The gate is important to keep intruders from breaking into your home. Also, it will influence the overall appearance of the property. You can easily find many stylish and well-designed gates that will suit your property. However, you must not focus only on the look of the gate. Make sure that you find the right type as well. There are many different types of gates you will get for your property. If you are unsure about which option you should choose, here are a few types you can consider:

Different Types of Gates for Commercial and Residential Properties

1 . Sliding gates

Just sliding doors and windows, you get sliding gates as well. This is one of the popular options you will see on properties. They operate the same way sliding doors and windows do. However, they do not have two or more separate sections. Also, you cannot open them from both sides. It only slides open from one side. You will notice wheels at the bottom of most sliding gates. These wheels are installed to ensure that you can slide the gate easily when required. Also, modern sliding gates are quite light. Therefore, almost anyone can easily open the door. However, this does not imply that the gates are not sturdy and durable. People love them because they are space efficient and do not require additional space when you open or close them.

2 . Turnstile gate

If security is a major concern for you, you should consider turnstile gates. These gates are commonly seen in subways and discreet public places. They are designed to allow one person to pass only at a time. You can configure these gates to control traffic and allow people to pass from one side only. Also, they are powered by technology and allow authorized entries only. People provided with the key card can pass. This benefit made it one of the most popular gates used by large organizations. You can connect it to your database as well and monitor people’s activities by tracking their unique key cards. This is also one of the reasons why they have gained immense popularity in the market. Just make sure that you buy good quality gates from renowned manufacturers.

3 . Vertical pivot gate

You must have come across gates that open up vertically for people to pass. These gates are called vertical pivot gates. They are quite popular and can be seen on many properties. One of the main reasons people prefer it is because you do not require additional space for opening them. Although sliding doors offer the same solution, you cannot install sliding doors where sufficient space is not available on either side to slide open the door. They are easy to install and mostly come with sensors. These sensors open the gate when they sense a car coming close.

However, people generally avoid this option when sufficient space is available as it proves to be more expensive than other alternatives available in the market.

4 . Swing gate

Swing gates are one of the most popular types of gates. They are one of the oldest gate designs found on properties. This is a great option for people who prioritize aesthetic appeal over anything else. If the look of the gate is important to you more than anything else, you should definitely consider installing a swing gate on your property as well. Their unique mechanism makes them one of the most aesthetically appealing options. Also, you will easily find modern swing gates in many stunning designs that will elevate the curb appeal of the property. Custom-made solutions are available as well to ensure that the gate design complements the look of your property and appears exactly the way you want. However, there is one important thing you should keep in mind before choosing a swing door. Always avoid installing it if your property is on the roadside. There are chances of accidents if you open it mistakenly when a car is passing by.

5 . Automatic gate

Are you looking for a modern solution? You should then consider installing an automatic gate. Automatic gates are very popular in buildings. These gates operate on electricity and move automatically. They come with built-in sensors that detect the presence of a person and then open up automatically. These doors prove to be very beneficial to organizations because they no longer have to employ a gate person and pay a salary. The task can be done efficiently without any additional help. Therefore, the money saved from not paying a salary can be used for other purposes.

Before you buy this gate, you must remember that these gates are more expensive than regular gates. Therefore, you can only choose this option if budget is not a huge concern in the beginning. However, it is surely a cost-effective option in the long run, as you will not have to incur additional expenses after installation. Besides operating on electricity, the gates have a battery as well so that they can operate when a power source is not available.

These are a few common types of gates. However, you can find many other types of gates in the market as well. If you want to inquire about the various types of gates you can install on your property, you can consider getting in touch with our team. West Fl Fence is one of the best fence & gate installation companies in the Tampa area and provides services across Florida & Southeast US. You can call us at (813) 251-5883.