Gateway to the Best – A Beginner’s Guide to Gates

A Beginner’s Guide to Gates

We live in an increasingly image-driven age. As such, there are just some images that have come to resonate with us down through the centuries. One such image is that of the great iron or golden or gilded gate at the entrance of a property.

Gates are generally higher than human occupants, and they can certainly seem larger than life sometimes. They’re a symbol of status and power, and for as technology-happy as our world is today, a great gate will still stand out as one of the best security measures available.

Custom Personnel Security Gate: A Beginner's Guide to Gates

Simply put, from “the Pearly Gates” to Buckingham Palace, to the great golden gates that mark the outer limits of celebrities’ mansions, gates are some of the best options out there when it comes to marrying illustrious form and practical function in outside décor.

What Should You Look for in Gates

There are a wide variety of different gates available, each with their own specific plusses and minuses. When most of us think about gates, chances are what we’re envisioning, in one form or another, are iron gates. These are the kinds of gates that you most commonly see outside gated communities, and generally feature something of a grate-like aesthetic, closely-fitting bars, occasional points or spires on top of those bars, and, of course, hinges, which allow it to swing open or shut as needed.

These gates are a bit more expensive than other fences and gates out there, but that’s part of the point – such gates are, once again, something of a statement and status symbol. If you’re looking to show off your affluence while still keeping your family safe, these are the kind of gates you’d want to look into; in addition, some modern variations of these gates feature remote-control and CCTV systems to allow for greater security.

There are other kinds of gates besides that, of course. Chain-link gates are a great option if you’re looking for something less expensive, and wooden gates can help give your home have a more rustic feel.

If you’re looking for something classy and secure, gates may well be the way to go.