Reasons to Install Residential Gate Access Control Systems

residential gate access control systemThe Top Reasons to Install Residential Gate Access Control System

Just like all good landlords, you want to protect your properties and their value as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by installing a residential gate access control system on all of your property’s entrances and exits.

A residential gate access control system controls who can enter a residential property without the need for a gatekeeper. These systems can be used for single-family homes or multi-occupant properties such as apartment buildings. Each tenant can be assigned a code to use with the system, so you can easily monitor who is going in and out.

The top reasons to install a residential gate access control system include:


Safety is always a top priority for any landlord. Creating a physical barrier around your properties is one of the best ways to keep criminal activity at bay. A professionally installed fencing and gate access control system sends a message to criminals that your property is no easy target. This will not only deter property damage and other crimes, but it will also give your tenants a greater feeling of safety!

A locked and electronically monitored gate access system can also keep children and pets safely inside, away from strangers and other dangers on the street.


It’s not always criminals you’re trying to keep out. A gate access control system can also weed out intrusive neighbors, door-to-door salespeople, religious zealots, and more. Simply lock the gate and screen all visitors remotely, sending them on their way without any awkward in-person conversation.


Not only does a gate access control system boost the property’s elite status, but it also boosts its value. Buyers will pay more for a property with a gate access control system installed! Whether it’s for the increase in security or just as a status symbol, gate access control systems add dollars onto any property’s price tag.


Gate access control systems easily allow visitors in and out of your property with guest access codes. These can be easily changed so visitors only have access for the length of their visit. Tenants will love the convenience of a system that doesn’t require them to physically open gates and doors!

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