Reasons to Install Residential Gate Access Control Systems

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residential gate access control systemThe Top Reasons to Install Residential Gate Access Control System

Just like all good landlords, you want to protect your properties and their value as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by installing a residential gate access control system on all of your property’s entrances and exits.

A residential gate access control system controls who can enter a residential property without the need for a gatekeeper. These systems can be used for single-family homes or multi-occupant properties such as apartment buildings. Each tenant can be assigned a code to use with the system, so you can easily monitor who is going in and out. (more…)

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Three Types of Gates and When to Use Them

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Types of GatesThree Types of Gates and When to Use Them

If you have a larger property, either residential or commercial, chances are you will need a fence with a gate. There are many different types of gates that can be installed depending on the type of security you need and the type of fencing that you have. While a simple gate might be appropriate for a smaller property, large family homes, condos, or commercial buildings may need additional security. Here are three types of gates and when to use them.

Sliding or Swinging Gates

Your basic gate will either slide out of the way of traffic, or it will swing open and closed. We handle all types of sliding or swinging gates, big or small, and can match your gate to your fencing. Most buildings and homes can benefit from a sliding or swinging gate. If you don’t need much security or if you simply want to deter passersby from coming in, this basic gate is usually sufficient. (more…)

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The Many Applications of Gates

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Applications of Gates

The Many Applications of Gates

From construction sites to mansions, gates provide an entryway to many different places. Depending on the location, gates can provide different degrees of aesthetic appeal and security.

Construction Sites

The most basic form of a gate is the one that you would find on a metal fence installation surrounding places like construction sites. These gates swing from two or three points where they attach the rest of the fence, allowing for quick operation. Most include minimal security measures such as a hole on the latch allowing for a padlock.

Metal gates like this are usually temporary and need to be big enough for power tools and equipment to get through. The convenient part about gates like this is that they are easy to remove and transport and are able to be set up just about anywhere. (more…)

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Why You Should Consider Installing a Security Gate

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 Security Gate

Why You Should Consider Installing a Security Gate

Any homeowner you come across is always going to be concerned about security. Home security is essential and can do wonders for you in the long run. Regardless of what other people may be telling you, a security gate can come in very handy. But it begs the question, why install a security gate anyway when you have other features like alarm systems to keep you and your home safe?

Here are a few reasons why:

Enhanced Security

One of the primary benefits of installing a security gate is of course the security. Such a gate will keep intruders out where they belong, all the while keeping you and your family safe inside. Moreover, such gates are constructed using a variety of materials, you can always opt for a steel gate instead, simply because they are impenetrable, thus making the task of breaking in harder than it already was.  What is even more interesting is that since these gates are sturdy and stable, you can consider installing CCTV cameras as well. (more…)

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How to Pick the Right Gates for Your Structure

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Pick the Right Gates for Your Structure

You have to remember that if you are putting up a gate to go with a fence, you have to make sure that the gate goes well with your fence. This seems pretty straightforward. This almost seems like common sense. However, you’d be surprised as to how impractical people get when it comes time to picking out the gates for their security structure.

Make no mistake about it, your fence is a security structure. It sets the boundary between your property and your interior space and the outside world. It is a security structure, and any kind of security structure has to have a mechanism with which the external world can enter your internal world. This is called the gate.  (more…)

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Benefits of an Automatic Gate for Your Commercial or Residential Property

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automatic gate

Benefits of an Automatic Gate

Chain link fences and picket fences are functional, quaint, decorative, and even charming – but they don’t do much for security. Automatic gates offer your commercial property enhanced security while also making your property look better and more official. Furthermore, they offer property owners a higher ROI. The benefits don’t end right there though.

An automatic gate can keep your property safe at all times. Whether you need to protect your family or keep unwanted trespassers off your commercial property, these are awesome security option. Putting one up on your property offers 24/7 security protection without having to put additional staff resources on it. (more…)

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Gateway to the Best – A Beginner’s Guide to Gates

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gates

We live in an increasingly image-driven age. As such, there are just some images that have come to resonate with us down through the centuries. One such image is that of the great iron or golden or gilded gate at the entrance of a property.

Gates are generally higher than human occupants, and they can certainly seem larger than life sometimes. They’re a symbol of status and power, and for as technology-happy as our world is today, a great gate will still stand out as one of the best security measures available.

Custom Personnel Security Gate: A Beginner's Guide to Gates (more…)

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Basics of Automatic Security Gates

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Basics of Automatic Security Gates

Shopping for an automatic security or driveway gate for your home or business? You may be interested in some basic terminology.

Simply, automatic security gates include two components: The gate moves to block the driveway opening and provide security. It is fence-mounted to control access. The gate operator automatically opens and closes the gate, is usually electric, and can be powered by chain, gear, or hydraulics.

The most common gate types are:


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