The Best Pet Solutions Aren’t Always Invisible Fences

Invisible FencesInvisible fences have become very popular in the past years for homeowners looking to contain their dogs without installing an entire physical fence system. But as many dog owners can tell you, the invisible fences are hardly reliable and they actually have many downfalls.

If you are debating the best way to keep your dog safe but happy, while still helping your yard look attractive, a professionally installed fence is the best way to go.

The Downfalls of Invisible Fences

Invisible fences are also called wireless or electric fences, and they work with a wire installed around the perimeter of your yard. The wire is set to emit radio signals that are sent to your dog’s collar, and when Fido steps too close to the invisible boundary, his collar beeps a warning. If your dog ignores the warning beep and gets even closer, he receives a small shock to discourage him from crossing.

This sounds like a great system, but there are some negative aspects to invisible fences. First of all, an invisible fence might keep your dog in, but it doesn’t keep other animals and people out of your yard. Other dogs, wild animals, and intruders with bad intentions can still place your pet in harm’s way. Animal advocates also warn against invisible fences because the shocks can hurt dogs and manipulate canine behavior.

Choose a Physical Fence

In order to truly protect your dog and give him a safe outdoor environment, build a professional fence. The type of fence is best determined by your dog’s personality. Some dogs thrive on being able to see out of the yard and socialize with people and cars passing by, while others need to be separated from activity out of the yard in order to stay calm.

Wood, aluminum, and vinyl fences are very popular for dogs. It’s important to use a fence with a gate that latches automatically to ensure that your pet can’t escape due to a gate left ajar. Aluminum is a popular fence choice because it is durable and low maintenance. Your dog can run around the yard with clear boundaries and no need for electric shock warnings or threats of other dangers. It’s the perfect solution