A Quick Overview of Different Fence Types

Different Fence Types

We’ve all heard the phrase “Good fences make good neighbors.” It’s a proverb that dates back centuries and has been used in everything from the poetry of Robert Frost to countless TV shows and movies, and it’s certainly one of the most widely-respected rules today. There are places and countries that go overboard, and there are anomalous regions without borders – the US and Canada being the most notable example, sharing the largest open border in the world – but on the whole, internationally and at home, it’s true.

Good fences really do make good neighbors.

Even so, a commonly overlooked fact is that there are actually a wide variety of different fences available for consumers, depending upon where you live, the outer structure and layout of your property, and what sort of impression you want to give. In fact, when it comes to form and function, the latter is often stressed over the former when it comes to fences – a rarity in today’s marketplace. While this is certainly understandable, it’s still worth knowing what kinds of fences are out there.

The Varieties

Wooden or “white picket fences” are perhaps one of the most enduring images associated with Middle America and Americana. There are sturdier and longer-lasting options, but these are certainly one of the most charming and classic choices in the fencing world, and definitely does give a welcoming feeling that evokes a simpler time and does make for a warm neighborhood feeling.

Aluminum fences are another nice option, particularly if you’re looking for something light-weight or decorative.

If you’re in the market for something sturdy, then you can’t go wrong with an iron bar fence. This is the kind of fence most commonly associated with places of business and security, so if those are your primary concerns, you’ll definitely want to check those out.

Chain link fences are another staple, and if you’re looking for something to specifically protect your home or plants from the sun, you may want to look into a sun shade or screen.

All in all, there’s a whole wide world of fences and fencing options to choose from.