Pros and Cons of Different Fence Materials

Fence Materials

Pros and Cons of Different Fence Materials

Buildings all over America have different kinds of fences installed for different purposes. Some are for security and are temporary while others are purely for looks and yet are permanent. When building a new fence, it is important to weigh the differences between the many available fence types and fence materials.


Aluminum fences are very sturdy and can be built very high, allowing for much security. They are usually permanent because they are heavy and need to be firmly rooted into the ground to stay in place. Gates attached to aluminum fences usually have an electronic security pad for added protection. Fences made from aluminum are a great option for pools and other semi-public areas that need security enclosures.

The problems with aluminum fences lie mostly in the fact that they are not very fun to look at. Since they are constructed of metal, they appear very cold and their straight lines are often looked at as intimidating. These are not ideal for surrounding private residences or places that want to appear inviting.


Fences constructed from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, are well suited for large properties because of their low cost. This material is not difficult to install and is effective at keeping animals inside the property from leaving, as well as preventing wild animals from entering. Most PVC fences you see will be surrounding rural properties with a high acreage.

The reason why PVC is less suited for small properties is due to its lack of color options. PVC will almost always be white or off-white, which may not be the best option for urban homes. It also is usually not very high and can allow human intruders in without much effort. This type of fence would not be a good choice for suburban areas or places that require high security.


The most classic of fence materials, wood, fits many different applications. Wood fences can be built with space between the vertical planks, or with every space filled in. Fences with no space between them are security fences, since they do not allow people to look inside. Wood fences can be high or low and are an ideal choice for homes and other residential places.

What makes wood unappealing is the often-high cost of fence installation. Wood is usually the most expensive of fence materials available today because it is in high demand. This makes it a bad option for large properties or places where property damage is prevalent.


When building a new fence installation, the fence material is the most important factor to determine. Once you have picked the material that is right for you, you can move on to more minor details.