Fence Height: How High is Too High to Build?

Fence Height

Fence Height: How High is Too High

So, you are thinking about building a fence around your property. Before you get all excited about having your own private fortress of solitude, you must remember state and local laws have a play in everything you do, even if it is your own land. One of those requirements is fence height, so what is the acceptable height of a property fence?

In most residential areas, local laws tend to keep the height of backyard fences to around six feet. In front yards, fences usually have a limit of four feet. As with most decisions on the matter, height restrictions can apply to natural fences such as bushes and shrubs.

Working the Law in Your Favor

Depending on your property’s location, the laws can also bend to turn in your favor. For example, if your property lies next to an unsightly or noisy neighborhood location such as a gas station, you can apply for exceptions. You can submit one-time exception to the fence law called a variance to allow taller obstructions from surrounding properties.

Do Your Research

The best thing to do before putting up a fence is to speak with your neighbors. If you have a problem, the easiest thing to do is explain the situation to them and get them on your side. That way when you do put in a request, there will be no concerns of causing a problem with surrounding properties.

Unless your property is isolated in the middle of the woods, the best thing to do is make your peace with surrounding properties. Adding a fence in a residential neighborhood where nobody else has fences can devalue your property compared to the rest and become an eyesore. In the end, it is your decision, but make sure you look before you jump.