The Best Fence Types for Hurricane Season

Fence Types for Hurricane SeasonThe Best Fence Types for Hurricane Season

Is this your first hurricane season in Florida? If so, you may just be realizing how damaging the high winds, even just from severe storms, can be to your fencing. Many Florida homeowners find themselves repairing their fence annually with more frequent replacements than other areas of the country.

If you want to protect yourself from future expensive fence repairs, your best bet is to go with one of these more sturdy fencing options.

The different fence types for hurricane season include:

Concrete posts

Concrete posts are the way to go in areas that can get very windy. The concrete gives your fence a lot more stability, and it’s harder for hurricanes or high winds to pull it down.

Trellis fencing

Combining trellis fencing and concrete posts can look great, give you a fantastic wind barrier, and will hold up very well to high winds. The trellis gaps allow for plenty of wind to come through, reducing the stress on the fence itself.

Wire mesh fencing

Wire mesh fencing is one of the best for security, but it’s also best for very windy areas. If you frequently experience high winds, wire mesh allows the wind to travel through without tearing down the fence, but still acting as a windbreak.

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