The Most Important Qualities in a Fence Contractor

Fence ContractorThe Most Important Qualities in a Fence Contractor

You have probably heard the horror stories of criminals who pose as fence contractors, collect a hefty deposit from unsuspecting homeowners in need of a fence, and then disappear into the night to rip off another innocent customer. The fact that this happens at all is scary, and makes it all the more important for you to pick a truly reliable and honest contractor when you begin your next fencing project. To ensure that you are in good hands and your money will be used to complete the fence that you have envisioned, double check that your chosen fence contractor meets all of these qualifications.

Bonded: Many people hear this term but aren’t entirely sure why it is so significant. If your fence contractor is bonded, it means that he offers a guarantee of performance and can protect against any losses that occur due to the actions of his employees. It can be seen as a warranty in essence, and many contractors will even offer to make changes for free if you are not satisfied with the end result.

Licensed: Just like a doctor needs certificates and degrees to legally perform operations and diagnose patients, a legitimate contractor will also have a valid license and other legal documents to prove that he is a reliable worker with the proper clearances to complete the job you are paying him to do. Each state has different rules regarding which licenses are needed for contracting work, and many states require the contractor to take certain examinations to obtain a license. Hiring a contractor without a license puts you at great risk of being scammed, so always check to see a valid license before work begins.


Insured: Knowing that your contractor is insured will help you sleep much better at night, because it means that his company can cover employees if they are hurt on the job, pay for damages that might occur to your property, and so on. This is critically important since it’s impossible to predict the unexpected.