Don’t Let Droughts Impact Your Fence-Side Landscaping

Fence-Side Landscaping

Don’t Let Droughts Impact Your Fence-Side Landscaping

Nothing can transform the appearance of a yard quite like a fence, except a fence that has beautiful landscaping planted strategically around it. For Florida home and business owners, intense summer heat and frequent water shortages can lead to difficult and even disastrous landscaping. It’s a prudent choice to plan fence-side landscaping that can endure long, dry summers while still looking gorgeous.


Lavender is one of the most iconic flowering plants, and it’s a happy coincidence that Lavender is extremely self-sufficient in hot and dry growing conditions. Not only will the aroma of these flowers help you feel calm and relaxed, but their blue, purple, and pink colors will look stunning lining your backyard fence. Lavender’s most amazing quality is its ability to tolerate very poor soil. This plant can even grow in sand and gravel!

Four O’clock

True to their name, these gorgeous white and pink trumpeted flowers unfurl in the late afternoon so that their fragrances can be enjoyed all evening long. Since Four O’clock grow in mounds about three feet tall, they are flowers that conveniently look like shrubs and require very little gardening attention.


You don’t need a green thumb to grow Spirea. This colorful plant serves as a solid foundation cover for fence-side landscaping, and the pink and red colors look beautiful as they bloom in both the spring and summer.

Beard Tongue

This flowering plant may have a questionable name, but it is unquestionably gorgeous. With bright red, blue, purple, and pink flowers and more than 250 species in existence, the Beard Tongue plant has low water needs. Look for the name “penstemon” when shopping, and enjoy the occasional hummingbird that the flowers attract!

Whether you choose just one or all of these lovely choices, your fence and yard landscaping will look fabulous regardless of the weather.