Spruce Up Your Wooden Fence for Spring

Wooden Fence for Spring

Spruce Up Your Wooden Fence

It’s April, and spring is finally here! That means spring-cleaning, both inside and outside of your home. Like any other outdoor structure, wooden fences can take a beating during the cold and rainy winter months. Here are a few tips for cleaning up your fence and making it as good as new in time for summer.

Take Care of Basic Maintenance First

Before making any decorative changes to a wooden fence such as painting, it’s important to make sure that the basics are covered and the fence is in good condition. First, it’s a good idea to (carefully) power wash the wood to remove dirt and grime that may have built up over the last few months. Then, check for any basic repairs that need done, such as replacing screws or boards.

Once you’ve fixed it up a bit and you know your wooden fence is in good condition, you can sand the wood if you’d like to smooth it out and make it look better for painting.

Stain or Paint

Whether you choose to stain or paint your wooden fence, it’s sure to give some life to your yard and make it more aesthetically pleasing. For a subtler look, a wood stain gives a classic finish for an elegant appearance. Darker paint can also achieve this look.

However, if you want the fence to stand out or you’re interested in making a bolder statement, bright colors can be an excellent choice. Choose classic white or even a more unconventional color like red or green.

Final Touches

There are a variety of wood fence post toppers and caps to give your fence a unique and attractive appearance. Additionally, weeding around the fence and adding flowers or other landscaping can improve the overall look of the fence and yard.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy cleaning up your wooden fence for the spring and summer months. It’s an easy way to brighten up your whole yard!