Why You Should Use Concrete For Fence Posts

Concrete For Fence PostsThere is a reason why concrete is the go-to for installing fence posts. Its tried-and-true results can be done by anyone, from a DIY weekend warrior to a seasoned construction professional. The main reasons for choosing concrete to set your fence posts are:

  • Sturdiness

Installing fence posts into below-ground concrete footings adds a lot of weight and increases the entire fence structure’s sturdiness. Here in Florida, our loose, sandy soil adds another element of instability for businesses looking to install commercial fencing. Further complicating matters are our frequent high winds, both from hurricanes and coastal wind patterns. Fences mounted in concrete are proven to move less in unstable soil and high winds than other mounting systems.

  • Rainwater diversion

Whether your fence posts are wooden or metal, water is the enemy. Water tends to pool around the base of fence posts buried in the soil, promoting rot and eventually compromising the structural integrity of the entire fence. The easy fix for this is to install the fence posts in concrete footings poured all the way to ground level to custom fit each post. These footings will eliminate any place for water to pool and will prolong the life of your fence.

  • Safety

Some commercial fencing, such as security fences, need to be properly and securely mounted to ensure the safety of those both inside and outside the fence. Installing security fencing in below-ground concrete footings creates safer working and living spaces for everyone, as it is incredibly difficult to damage or move the footings.

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