You Have Choices In Security Gates

Choices In Security Gates

To be truly secure in your surroundings, you will need the proper security gate to match your new security fence. Without the correct gate, access can be difficult if not impossible, which is probably not what you meant when you wanted to keep people out.

There are various types of security gates available, from ones that slide to the side to open, to double and single swing gates. Many are automatic and all must function well in the space that is available. In fact, space is the top priority when considering a security gate, since the security part is already taken into account in its construction.

Automatic Gates Are Convenient

Regardless of size or operational style, automatic gates are often the choice for homeowners because of their convenience. The property owners can stay in their vehicles as the gate opens at the push of a remote control button. There are other options that require a code to be punched into a keypad to open the gate.

Many property owners, however, prefer a gate that is not automatic, as manual gates are a lot less expensive. These gates will require the operator to actually use some pedal power to walk to the gate and unlock it. In addition to being cheaper, these gates will also operate when the power is out.

Choose Based On Space

The type of gate you should choose, whether automatic or not, largely depends on the space available. Homeowners can choose between double and single gates, with single gates being suitable for most driveways. Side-by-side double swinging gates will cover a wider space.

Swinging gates, however, require more space than sometimes is available. Since the gates typically swing backward so they won’t hit the car waiting at the front, the area behind the gate must be deep enough to allow the open gate to swing clear. Sliding gates are best for areas where space is at a premium. They open by running along the fence itself, either on wheels or suspended above the ground.

A fencing professional will help you decide which type of gate will suit your needs here at West Florida Fence.