Wood is Cheap but Is It Reliable for Your Fence?


Wood is Cheap but Is It Reliable

Wood is currently the most commonly used material in building fences. It tends to beat out aluminum, vinyl and others because of its cheap cost and common availability. However, regular maintenance and a limited life have some people who plan to build a fence around their property wondering if wood is the way to go. As with any material used in building, there are always advantages and disadvantages to using wood for your fence.

Advantages of Wood for Fencing

A wooden fence surrounding your property allows full privacy from neighbors and any other passersby. Because wood is cheap and easy to get a hold of, searching for the right materials will be quick and painless and you can have a new fence in a matter of hours.

Wood is also easy to put together and easy to get rid of in case you change your mind.Youcan paint it any color to suit your style and it’s versatile and comes in any shape and any size.

Finally, wood is environmentally friendly for all you green thumbs out there trying to do your part.

Disadvantages of Wood for Fencing

Wood has a limited life that ranges from 10–15 years. Rotting wood can be susceptible to decomposition. Painting and regular repair is a necessary condition in keeping a wooden fence together, making it the most costly to maintain. Do not forget also that wood is vulnerable to insects and other natural enemies.

Of course, your final decision will account for many factors but here are the basic needs of maintaining a classic wooden fence. With a little research, you can see what materials best suit your needs and meet your budget so you can finally have some privacy in your own backyard.