Which Type of Fence Should You Get for Your Pool Area?

Pool Area

Which Type of Fence Should You Get for Your Pool Area?

When it comes to fences, gates, and security enclosures, most Floridians have to decide which materials are best for specific areas of their home and yard. Because pool fencing serves a very practical and important purpose for homeowners, some may feel torn about which type of fencing best suits their needs.

Pool fences help keep people and pets away from your pool along with adding some security for people with small children running around the yard. When deciding which fence type is best for your needs, you have to consider if just a perimeter or privacy fence is enough, or if you also need an interior pool fence separate from the rest of the yard.

Privacy Or Security?

If you simply want to keep unwanted guests from taking a late night dip in your pool, a privacy fence is all you need for your pool area. Whether it is wood, aluminum, or PVC, is up to you, depending on how much maintenance you want to keep up with over the years.

For people with children or pets, however, you may need a second interior fence that separates the pool area from the rest of the yard. This allows your children and pets to still roam free in your yard without the worry of them falling into the pool when not supervised.

Interior pool fences are most commonly referred to as security fences. These fences surround pools themselves and separate the area into its own personal space. Constructed from moisture-resistant material, such as steel and aluminum, they can be designed to be removable after children grow up and you no longer need the extra security.

Before you start the fence installation process, take a moment to consider which layout works best for your needs. Every home layout and family is different so the choice is up to you when it comes to picking the perfect fence for your pool area.