What Type of Fence is Best for Dog Containment?

Dog Containment

Type of Fence is Best for Dog Containment?

In the 1950s and 60s, pet owners did not think about containing their four-legged friends. Dogs socialized, loved children and it was no big deal to see your neighbor’s dog in your yard. However, times have changed, and so has what is considered proper canine care. This includes the need for proper dog containment.

One of the biggest challenges that dog owners face is finding a fence that is actually affordable for their pets. Unless the house you live in already has an adequate fencing system, this can be quite a large investment. This means that you need to consider the options carefully.

If you simply need to install a fence that will prevent your pooch from roaming, then chain link will be adequate. However, if you also want to install a fence that will protect your dog from any unwanted attention from humans, dogs or other animals, then you may need something more.

The fact is that no matter the type of fence that you have, it is important that it fulfills the responsibility of keeping your dog contained. This generally means a fence that is at least six foot high, to ensure that climbers and jumpers will not be able to get over. The fact is that if you leave your dog for long periods of time, they can become bored, spurring them to find a way out, which means that you have to think of this and ensure that your properly is fully escape proof.

Taking the time to choose the right fence for your dog containment, will not only ensure it stays safe, but that it also does not harm another dog, or person, who may be passing by. Keeping this in mind will help you select the right type of fence containment for your yard and pooch.