What is the Best Fence for Home Security?

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Best Fence for Home Security?

If you are planning to build a fence around your property, one of the main concerns you will have is what type of fence is the most secure. Experts across the country would like to give their professional opinion so you make the best decision possible for your property before you buy.

What Do Professionals Say?

According to the experts, unless you are building a fence to lower surrounding noise or you are looking for complete privacy, a chain-link or ornamental metal fence is the best for home security.

A chain-link fence with a secure bottom edge is one of the most secure ways to keep trespassers from sneaking under. You can do this by laying a pipe in cement or securing it with wires. The fact that the chain-link is open and not solid assures you nobody will be able to sneak around your property.

Why Are Other Fences Less Secure?

While solid fences and walls seem secure, they are easier to climb and allow vandalism to occur. The fact that chain-link tends to be less solid means you will also be able to hear trespassers climbing long before you see them.

What Other Security Measures Should You Take?

While barbwire-lined fencing is not allowed in residential areas, a few precautions such as secured latches, welded nuts and bolts, and stripped bolts to prevent removal, can assure your property is safe year round.

As always, a security system with multiple measures is always better than one. Adding a motion sensor light for example will give you plenty of visual aids in identifying would be trespassers.

Now of course no security system is 100% effective. However, if you want to protect what’s yours, a chain-link fence is a great way to start the process towards a more protected property. Give yourself some peace of mind by looking into a property fence today.