Universal Fencing

Universal Fencing

Just like people, fences can be found everywhere. Whether around a home or a business, fences are universal markers. Fences can be set up anywhere and offer protection as well as set clear boundaries. Whether they keep the big dog down the street in his own yard, or keep the strays out of yours, fences are important.

Universal Fencing: Chain link fences can be fun to climb. Wooden fences can be fun to paint. Metal fences can be surprisingly creative.

Is there a common type?

While chain link and wood fences are common for most properties, many people also choose to use decorative metal or steel fencing. All three types can be pleasing to the eye, offer privacy, and can be fairly easy to install. The biggest difference among the three is cost.

Chain link is typically the most affordable. Chain link can be found in different gauges, 9 to 11.5, and can be cut to various heights. For the best quality in chain link, choose a smaller gauge.

While easy to install, wood fences can be difficult to maintain due to the need for continual painting and finishing. Wood can be cut to various heights and gives you the benefit of choosing the shape and thickness. The most common types of wood used are pine, spruce, white oak and red cypress.

Metal or steel is more expensive, but is typically the most durable. It can be designed in a variety of ways to offer aesthetics, security or both. Usually welded together, this fence will need less maintenance and will last longer than most wooden fences.

The type of fence you choose is completely dependent on what features you want from it. Fences can be decorative, fun, protective and unique.