Top Commercial Fence Uses

Commercial Fence

Top Commercial Fence Uses

Just as fences are extremely popular in neighborhoods for families looking to maintain their property lines and privacy while adding to their curb appeal, fences also enjoy extensive use in the commercial world. From restaurants and theme parks to airports and construction sites, commercial fences serve many integral purposes.

Add a Flash of Elegance

Restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions utilize fences not just for their purposes of practicality but also for the aesthetic appeal and elegance they lend to the surrounding environment.

For instance, a coffee shop with outdoor seating looks much more distinguished when it uses a wrought iron fence to separate its seating from the public sidewalk. Likewise, a hotel situated on a beautiful landscape may use a rustic wooden fence to maintain appearances. Many restaurants also use indoor fencing to add to the ambience while serving a distinct purpose, like a short fence creating a partition to separate the line from the seating area.


Of course, security is one of the top reasons for commercial fence use. Government agencies, airports, private companies, and construction sites can’t risk curious wanderers or criminals gaining access to areas not open for public use. Even animals are often a threat.

Fences are designed with specific security protocols to prevent the ability to jump over, crawl under, or break the fence for entry. Barbed-wire fence, for example, will cause the culprit to suffer extreme discomfort and potential injury.


Privacy is also a major concern for a variety of commercial enterprises. It might be a restaurant that would like its customers to eat without an audience, or a general contracting company needing to work without being observed, or perhaps a military base demanding full privacy for training and other efforts. Tall fencing can make privacy a complete possibility.