Tips for Tearing Down an Unsightly Fence

Unsightly Fence

Tearing Down an Unsightly Fence

The last thing you want on your residential or commercial property is an unsightly fence. And old fence not only decreases your privacy and protection, but it can also decrease your property value as well. Tearing down an old fence is quite simple, but there are several factors you must consider in order for the project to be completed successfully. By following our guide, the old fence on your property will be gone in no time! Most of the factors you should consider are safety and legal issues.

Determine Ownership of the Fence

Before beginning any fence removal project you should first ensure that the fence is actually yours to tear down. If the fence was already installed on your property before you arrive there is a great chance that the fence may not be yours. Some fences are used to denote property lines and may have been installed by your municipal leaders. If you cannot determine ownership of the fence you may opt for installing a fence of your own. If it is your neighbors, talk with your neighbor about removing the fence for you.

Contact Your Local Utility Office

Before you begin any digging projects always talk with your utility company first. If the fence you plan on moving is very old, it is highly likely utility lines may be installed nearby. The last thing you want is to get fined for knocking out power to your entire neighborhood!

Removal of Your Old Fence

Once you determined ownership and notified the utility company, you can now remove the old fence. Have a plan of action in place. Some fence posts are embedded in concrete, which will require the use of special equipment. If you do not have access to the proper tools, consider hiring a contractor to perform this work safely for you.