Three Types of Gates and When to Use Them

Types of GatesThree Types of Gates and When to Use Them

If you have a larger property, either residential or commercial, chances are you will need a fence with a gate. There are many different types of gates that can be installed depending on the type of security you need and the type of fencing that you have. While a simple gate might be appropriate for a smaller property, large family homes, condos, or commercial buildings may need additional security. Here are three types of gates and when to use them.

Sliding or Swinging Gates

Your basic gate will either slide out of the way of traffic, or it will swing open and closed. We handle all types of sliding or swinging gates, big or small, and can match your gate to your fencing. Most buildings and homes can benefit from a sliding or swinging gate. If you don’t need much security or if you simply want to deter passersby from coming in, this basic gate is usually sufficient.

Emergency Exit

Sometimes on the back side of a property, you may need a gate that doesn’t get much use. Although the entrance may be necessary, it also may be used primarily only in case of emergencies. An emergency exit gate can only be opened in an emergency, and some of these gates can be programmed to contact authorities when the emergency exit is triggered.

Security Access Gates

If you want to restrict access to your building or home, security access gates are also available. These are locking gates that can be unlocked with the touch of a button from within the building or home. You can also set up these gates to allow people to open the gate with a pin code or other remote access. Security access gates are preferred for commercial buildings and very valuable homes.

If you are interested in new types of gates and fencing for your building or home, contact us today for more information or to get an estimate.