This Fence was No Match for Alaska’s Moose

Alaska's MooseThis Fence was No Match for Alaska’s Moose

There are plenty of problems that you might expect to break down a strong fence, like hurricane winds or an angry mob. But what about moose? That’s the problem that Anchorage is now facing after Alaska’s moose broke right through a fence in an effort to obtain female attention. The story was brought to the media’s attention by Bryan M. Anderson, who was spending time looking for moose with his daughter on a Sunday morning in Anchorage’s largest park.

Alaska’s Moose

The moose is an animal that most people in the United States know little about. It’s not exactly like deer or squirrels that are easy to catch in their natural habitat in the continental US. Quite the opposite, the Alaska moose lives predominantly in Alaska to Western Yukon and tends to roam independently. If moose do come together, it’s for mating and mating competition purposes, especially in the autumn and winter. In fact, scientists have documented just how aggressive male moose become when they have their eyes on the same female.

Can’t Fence Them In

The park in Anchorage where Anderson was roaming with his daughter contains fences to keep Alaska’s moose off of the main roadways. However, this didn’t stop a pair of competitive male moose who began clashing their enormous anchors together to prove their superiority to nearby female moose.

Anderson quickly pulled out his cellphone to capture the event as one of the moose charged through the fence and pulled it off its posts to knock his rival backward. They fought back and forth until they both returned to their rightful side of the fence. Anderson’s video has been viewed nearly one million times, but we’ll never know who won the female’s attention after all.

Fences That Serve Their Purpose

Moose might be a peculiar way to prove a point, but indeed the moose fight Anderson caught on his cellphone proves that a fence must be built for durability and lasting support, especially if it’s going to be placed under major strain from animals.