The Many Applications of Gates

Applications of Gates

The Many Applications of Gates

From construction sites to mansions, gates provide an entryway to many different places. Depending on the location, gates can provide different degrees of aesthetic appeal and security.

Construction Sites

The most basic form of a gate is the one that you would find on a metal fence installation surrounding places like construction sites. These gates swing from two or three points where they attach the rest of the fence, allowing for quick operation. Most include minimal security measures such as a hole on the latch allowing for a padlock.

Metal gates like this are usually temporary and need to be big enough for power tools and equipment to get through. The convenient part about gates like this is that they are easy to remove and transport and are able to be set up just about anywhere.

Public Pools

Another type of gate that many people have seen is the kind found around swimming pools within apartment complexes. These gates are permanent and surrounded by a high fence that makes intrusion difficult. In most cases, this type of gate is installed for keeping people who do not live in that apartment complex out of the pool.

Private Residences

Automatic gates that open to a specific electronic code are becoming very popular in the high-end housing market. Gates like this can be anything from simple to extravagant, and often end with brick pillars that house the machine that opens the gate. People who live in homes with these security enclosures installed can easily enter and exit their property by keying in a digit code into a keypad that triggers the gate to open.

The security added by this type of gate is invaluable because they are impossible to open without the proper code. There are many variations on these gates, with the most common being ones that swing outward and the ones that slide toward either of the pillars that end it.

Having it installed will allow greater security in just about any application of gates. With many different types of gates available, it is easy to find one that suits your purposes.