The Best Way to Go Green with Your Fence

Go Green with Your FenceThe Best Way to Go Green with Your Fence

Fifty years ago, the phrase “go green” simply meant buying a new paint color for the kitchen, but today it has taken on an entirely new meaning. In a society with more environmental consciousness than ever before, many Americans are making it their goal to live in a more sustainable manner that places less strain on nature. Everything from purchasing local food to composting and recycling make the environment a better place, and “go green” benefits can even be achieved when installing new fencing around your yard.

Choose the Right Materials

The biggest and easiest way to install an environmentally friendly fence is to select the right building material. Certain options place far less strain on natural resources than others, so it’s important to educate yourself. Bamboo is rapidly becoming a favorite fencing material because it is incredibly durable, easy to install, an attractive. The only catch with bamboo is that you must ensure you purchase bamboo from a local source that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Bamboo shipped from China has most likely been over harvested with minimal oversight and expends far too much energy in transportation across the ocean.

For a fence that is definitely, without a doubt environmentally sound, use reclaimed lumber. The quality of old wood will remain durable against the sun and rain, and the material will provide a unique and rustic appearance to your yard. Just search Pinterest, and you’ll see thousands of pictures proving that this is a huge trend right now.

Minimize Maintenance

If you select an expensive, sophisticated fencing material, it might require extensive maintenance that uses a great deal of water and chemicals that poison the land around your fence. Certain fencing materials require far less maintenance than others, so search out a low maintenance option like vinyl.

With just a bit of extra effort, you can enjoy your fence while knowing that you did your best to preserve the environment.


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