The Best Fence Height for Your Property

Best Fence HeightFiguring Out the Best Fence Height for Your Property

Have you been agonizing over how high to have your fence? The best fence height should be based on several different factors that will be unique for every household or business. Here are the top things to consider when planning a fence for your Florida property.

Know Your Available Fence Height Range

You might have a fence height range in mind going into the planning stages. But when it boils down to it, you’re not really in charge of the range of heights you can choose from. You may be legally limited in how high your fence can be, although there usually is not a set minimum height. Your best fence height could be dictated by:

  • Your county government
  • Local ordinances
  • Homeowners’ Associations

A professional fence installer will be familiar with the rules regarding fence height in your specific area.  They will also know what permits will be required and can obtain them for you as part of their service.


What is the purpose of your fence? If you want to keep kids or pets inside, you’re going to need a fence of at least four feet in height, which is well within usual legal constraints. On the other hand, if your fence is for security you will want it to be much taller and have some different features. Fences installed purely for aesthetics can be almost any height, even just a few feet.


Your budget can also limit what type of fence or the size of your fence. Our professionals excel in using a mix of designs and materials that will keep your fence within budget. However, you may still be limited in fence height depending on the other cost saving options you are interested in.

If you aren’t sure what height your fence should be or what features you need, contact us today for more information on your best fence height.