Snazz Up Your Chain Link Fence with These Tricks

Snazz Up Your Chain Link Fence with These Tricks

Chain Link FenceThere’s no denying that chain link fences are practical. They’re affordable, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. However, a chain link fence doesn’t always carry the aesthetic appeal of decorative aluminum or rustic wood.

Rather than admit defeat, using these strategies can transform your chain link fence into a lovely addition to your yard.

Flowering Vines and Plants

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flowering vine? Morning Glory, Honeysuckle, and Wisteria are all stunning and will make your chain link fence look more like a gardening masterpiece than a collection of metal. English and Boston ivy also get the job done with their hardy evergreen nature. Not only will ivy cover your fence, but it will add a splash of color during the winter and provide a backdrop for any other gardening you choose to do.


Think of furniture that starts as old, outdated wood but is completely transformed by a bit of black paint and new hardware. Pinterest is full of ideas for such renovations, so why not apply the same rules to your fence? Blue, black, white, or even green paint can change the appearance of your fence with very little effort. Just be sure to use rust resistant paint.


This is a neat, out of the box idea. Awnings are available that attach to the top and bottom of a fence to replace the appearance of metal with cloth. Many different awnings are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and they are an excellent way to gain more privacy while also establishing more aesthetic appeal.

Get Quirky

Just because your chain link fence is staying put doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of pizazz to it! One couple by the coast decided to weave old surfboards to the perimeter of their chain link fence for a decorated statement that matched their personalities. Others have been known to weave colorful yarn through their chain link fences for an artistic feel that lends color and character.

Whatever you choose, these options prove that you can have affordability, practicality, and appeal all wrapped into one.