Safe and Beautiful Pool Fences

Safe and Beautiful Pool Fences

According to the USA Swimming Foundation, between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2013, at least 202 American children under age 14 drowned in a swimming pool or spa. Almost three-quarters of those children were younger than 5 years old.

In Florida, where pool season never ends, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under age 5. Often, the last place the child was seen before being found in the pool was inside the house. It takes only moments of inattention or distraction for tragedy to occur. The statistics are sobering, but the solution is clear: supervise youngsters, and fence your pool.

Safety pool fences have been credited for drastically reducing accidental swimming pool drownings. They are proven to obstruct youngsters from gaining access to your pool by preventing, delaying, or detecting their entry to the pool or pool area. Today, there are many attractive and appealing options for color and style that complement and add to the overall appeal of your backyard landscape.

Types of pool fences available range from temporary or permanent fences for residences, to commercial-grade fences used in apartment complexes and condominiums. All pool fences provide a security enclosure and have one main thing in common: they are child-resistant, meaning they prevent children from getting over, under, or through.

If you hate the thought of a permanent fence, there are a number of options for attractive temporary, removable pool fences. Removable safety fences are attached and safety-locked onto poles that are anchored into the pool’s deck. Models differ, but all are transparent to allow clear view of your pool. Good ones are strong and climb-resistant, and (when not in use) flexible and compact for easy storage.

For special occasions, fencing can be easily removed by adults in minutes, to be reinstalled when needed. The pole sleeves can be capped off when not in use to give a clean, finished appearance.

Contact us at West Florida Fence — we know pool barrier requirements and guidelines, and we will give you peace of mind by making your home a safer place. Your pool should be a place for fun and games, where happy childhood memories are made. A pool fence can help keep it that way.