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Residential fence

Why a Residential Fence Is Invaluable for Your Safety?

Fencing is one of the most important features to look out for when building, purchasing, or renovating a new home or existing property. Also, your residential fence frequently gives visitors their first impression of your house and greatly enhances the market value of your property. It’s crucial that the type of fencing you select for your property blends in with not only the design of your house but also your way of life.

In addition to curb appeal, you also want it to feel safe for you, your family, and your pets.  A residential fence can add to your house’s appearance while also offering security, privacy, and protection from the elements. 

What Is a Residential Fence?

A residential fence is a barrier or any upright structure made from wood to wrought iron. They can be used for different purposes, like securing your pet and giving yourself privacy from nosey neighbors. This residential fence can also help add value to your property and can be made of a variety of different materials to perform several different purposes.

Why Do You Need a Residential Fence?

There are a few things you should know first before you install a residential fence. A residential fence can provide security and beauty at the same time. And it doesn’t have to look like you are entering an army barrack before you feel secure. 

There are several different types of residential fence options that you can choose from. A professional fence contractor like West Florida Fence will provide you with the different types and styles offered. Let’s learn some qualities of a good residential fence.

Durability, Safety, and Security

Security is another vital consideration. You can secure your home or property by installing gates for security purposes. The material of the security fence will be impermeable, strong, durable, and difficult to break or climb over.

The security fence will keep children and pets in and unwanted guests out, enabling you to feel safe in your home. An added feature is  that it is long-lasting. 


A residential fence adds more beauty and style to the home. It catches attention, and some types of fences have a very distinct look. Fences come in different colors, heights, and shapes, depending on your choice. Ornamental fences, for instance, give you that decorative look, while also serving as a security barrier as well as  promoting privacy.


Privacy is everything in our personal life, home, work, or family life. Most importantly, Installing a fence also creates a barrier between you and your neighbors. If you have nosy neighbors, you definitely will need a barrier placed to limit what they see. A good fence can provide the privacy you need.  West Florida Fence Installation Services offers you all the fence installation solutions to help you to enjoy private gatherings with your loved ones without peeping eyes from next door.

Functions as a barrier

Residential fence installation ensures that kids and pets have limited movement. You sure don’t want your kids and pets wandering outside your property without your knowledge. A good fence also helps protect your gardens and swimming pools by keeping out uninvited guests.  Fencing also helps outline where your property starts and where it ends. Certain types of residential fencing can help with noise reduction so you can enjoy hassle-free moments of peace and relaxation within your house.

Boosts the value of properties

Residential fence purchases help you save money by raising the value of your home. By installing a residential fence, you can improve your house and increase its value when you sell it. People like to purchase a safe, secure home with a beautiful exterior, and a residential fence plays a crucial role in making that possible. Installing a lovely fence around your home will help you get the most from it when you decide to sell the property.

Types of Residential Fence

In light of these, select the option that best suits you. There are different fences for various needs. At West Florida Fence, our experts will discuss your preferences and budget to determine the right type of fence that suits your needs. Let’s find out more about the types of fences.

Metal/Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing offers an appealing, straightforward, and elegant wrought iron appearance. It enhances the aesthetics of your landscape when used as a garden boundary fence.It requires little maintenance and is simple to install. 

Wooden Fence

Of all fence types, wood fencing is by far the most widely used. Traditional to contemporary styles are all possible, and the price is within reason. The most interesting part about wooden fences is that they can be painted to a color that blends with your home’s decor.

These wooden fences are made from pressure-treated wood that resists decay. It’s weather resistant, naturally good looking, not prone to warp or shrink, strong, and long-lasting. For protection, privacy, and aesthetics, wood is the ideal choice.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fencing is a good newer alternative in warmer areas because it is eco-friendly and appealing. For a distinctive and lovely look, Bamboo fencing gives your property some flair, seclusion, and security.

Chain Link

If you want to delineate a boundary and give your yard some structure, chain link fencing is the best choice. If you wish to keep your pet in an enclosure, it works excellent as dog fencing. If you prefer the open-space appearance, it’s lovely too.

Chain link is a cheap, long-lasting, low-maintenance solution that you might not have considered for your home. Use it to mark the boundaries of your land, then plant your favorite vines or shrubs next to it to provide beauty and a little solitude.

Picket fence

A white picket fence is a traditional type of fencing and the fantasy of many property owners! Picket fencing appears best with a conventional or federation-style home because of its distinctive top form. For a unique appearance, they can be stained or painted in various colors. A picket fence is a strong, long-lasting, and aesthetically attractive choice.

A residential fence will give it a tranquil and private feel along with adding an extra layer of protection. Fencing not only adds beauty and gives your home a peaceful and happy place to live, it also attracts potential buyers and increases your profit. Book an appointment with West Florida Fence for the best fence installation in Tampa, FL.