Reinventing the Classic Wooden Fence

Reinventing the Classic Wooden Fence

Classic Wooden Fence

The classic wooden fence is a classic piece of landscaping history, and while fencing technology has undoubtedly evolved and provided other appealing options for home and business owners, the wooden fence still plays a leading role in the industry. These great ideas put unique spins on the classic wooden fence to make intriguing and irresistible design options.

Make It More Than a Fence

A wooden structure can function as a fence while also offering other benefits. If you have a garden or plants that you would like to emphasize on the inside of your fence, build your wooden fence with a narrow, ladder-sized pergola extending over the length of the fence. Better yet, build the fence itself with many narrow, intersecting pieces of wood that form small squares instead of pickets.

Flowering vines and flowers will thrive on this fence and extend to the pergola, and your wooden fence will transform into a landscaping statement. For an added element of sophistication, replace the standard fence door with a two door gate that compliments the rest of the fence style.

Use the Rainbow

Who ever said wood needed to be brown? If you have a playful side, you can stain your wood boards different bright colors like orange, blue, red, and green. Build the fence in along your existing treeline so that the colorful fence can contrast with natural tree wood. Better yet, build a simple bench that extends the length of your fence and gets colored in the same way. Add some plants, and you have a whimsical and eccentric backyard design.

Designs on Top

One last method to reinvent the classic wooden fence involves adding eye catching patterns or designs within the top one to two feet of the fence. One homeowner had his wooden fence built in sections about six feet long, and had each graduate down about six inches from the last to match the decline of his yard. Every two sections of fence were separated from the next two by a simple yet elegant stone pillar. Atop each section of fence was a ladder grid that not only looked appealing but also created additional separation without making the area feel closed off. The result was stunning!

If you know you want a classic wooden fence for your home, but you’re not sure how to customize it to meet your personality, work with your fence company to gather ideas and determine the best style for your home.