Proof that Safety Fences Serve a Purpose

Safety Fences

Safety Fences Serve a Purpose

As towns, cities, homes, and buildings are constructed closer and closer together, safety fences have become commonplace to serve as barriers, forms of privacy, and even measures of security. The job of fences to provide security in particular has generated some rather interesting news stories.

For example, Charlie Kimball brought an IndyCar Series event to a terrified halt in 2015 when his car snapped, became airborne, and flew into the fence built specifically to catch out-of-control cars.  Kimball was able to leverage the fence to slow his car down and spin out of the crash to avoid any major injuries. Although he had to drive the rest of the race in a backup, he managed to escape with only a bruise and one cut on his chin!

The racing catch fence hit the headlines again when Austin Dillon’s car was saved from tumbling into the crowd only by the fence erected in front of the stands. Dillon’s injuries were unfortunately more severe than Kimball’s, and he was transported to a local medical center for four injuries. Without the catch fence enacted as a security measure, Dillon would have been joined in the hospital by many injured fans as well!

Though he wasn’t speed racing, an Indiana driver experienced a terrible crash in the summer of 2015 when he crossed through oncoming traffic and drove straight into a fence in someone’s front yard. This driver managed to plow through 100 feet of fencing before coming to a halt in the person’s front yard, but it’s very possible that the fence is the only thing that prevented the car from driving straight into the house rather than coming to rest in the grass.

It’s not just cars that are struggling against fences. The store Camping World has suffered $100,000 in loses due to theft, plus the lost revenue of 21 damaged RVs. To discourage the vandals, Camping World has chosen to install a 10-foot electrical fence around its parking lot. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the looming fence has proved itself efficient as a thief-deterrent.

Similar stories abound through our country. The right security fence, built with sturdy material, can prevent potential disaster.