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FPL Rodeo Solar

FPL Rodeo Solar in Arcadia, Desoto County, Florida


  • Installation of 50,250 linear feet of 6’ High Chain Link Fence with 1’ of 3-Strand Barbwire. The 2.5” diameter line posts were driven 3’ into the ground. Chain link fabric was supported by top and bottom tension wire. 3” terminals and corners were braced, trussed, and set in concrete.
  • Installation of (5) 6’ + 1’ x 24’ Wide Chain Link Double-Drive Gates on 4” posts with concrete footers.
  • Scope included (8) 7’ H x 10’ W fiberglass isolation panels and numerous ditch crossings.
  • Fence work was substantially completed in
    32 working days in November/December 2020.