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FP&L Raven Substation

FP&L Raven Substation in Columbia County, Florida

Client: FP&L | April 2020


FP&L Raven Substation

  • Installation of 753 linear feet of 7’ high chain link fence with 1’ of 6-strand, V-shaped barbwire. FPL Fence specifications included 9 gauge aluminized fabric, Sch.40 top rail, 2.5” diameter Sch.80 line posts, 4” diameter Sch.80 terminal posts, and all post footers were epoxy-coated.
  • Installation of (1) 7’ + 1’ x 28’ Wide Tymetal Fortress Structural Cantilever Gate with 60” diameter concrete footers.
  • Installation of 20 linear feet of 7’ high non-conductive Isolation Fence with 6” x ¼” flange posts.
  • Installation of 125 linear feet of 4’ high barbed wire fence and cattle gates.
  • Project was completed in April 2020 in 7 working days.