Custom-made and Installed Pergolas

A custom-made pergola for your Tampa home is a fantastic way to inject serious visual allure into your garden. West Florida Fence designs, creates and installs all our pergolas entirely to spec, enabling you to get the pergola that you want, at a price that is right for you.

Why a Pergola?

Many landscape designers use pergolas (or arbors, as they are sometimes known) in their designs. The added height naturally breaks the monotony of the lines in the garden, creating an eye-catching note of drama. However, there’s more to a pergola than just aesthetic appeal.

Pergolas are excellent for:

Shade. In Tampa Bay, the sun can get a little intense. A shaded pergola helps protect the family from harmful rays, providing a cool, pleasant area to retreat to in the summer.

Privacy. If you want an area to relax in the sun without being overlooked by the neighbors, a pergola with foliage growing up the side is an excellent way of achieving this.

Adding value. Creating a strong feature in the garden adds real value to your property.

‘Dividing’ into zones. If you have a hot tub or spa and want to create a separate ‘space’ for it, a pergola provides a cost effective solution. Alternatively, use an arbor to create an outdoor dining zone, or sheltered area for reading a book.

A recent pergola design and install in Tampa

Types of Pergola

We create each and every pergola entirely to your specification; so the only real limit is your creative vision! If you’ve got a design in mind, tell us about it, and we’ll get to work turning your idea into a reality.
Here’s some inspiration to help you.

The ‘Classic’. A traditional pergola features classic, Tuscan style columns and a flat ‘roof’ area. It’s ideal if you’re looking for something subtle yet elegant.

The ‘Shaded’. If creating an area of respite from the sun is a top priority, then a shaded pergola is advisable. Shade can be incorporated into any design, and will still allow light to flood the area, without any exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

The ‘Asian-style’. Asia has mastered the art of creating beautiful arbors. Whether you want a distinctly traditional Chinese-inspired design or a more modern, minimalist Japanese look, the Asian style creates drama and refinement in the garden.

The ‘Attached’. Attached pergolas (supported against a wall of your property, rather than free-standing) create great additional space leading from your home. Use as an outdoor dining area or as a covered area for a hot tub.
If design is not your forte, we’ve got the solution! We include design at no extra cost as part of our service. Simply get in touch to find out more.

Customize your Pergola

At West Florida Fence, not only can you customize the style of your pergola, you can also choose the material. Thanks to our wide range of state-of-the-art machinery and expert manufacturing team, we can create customized arbors out of pressure treated pine, cypress or cedar. We can even use aluminum or PVC / vinyl.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Whether you’ve got a design in mind or want us to design the perfect custom-made pergola for you, simply give us a call today to schedule a consultation and initial design meeting. You can talk to one of the West Florida Fence team by calling (813) 251-5883.