Mythbusters: Aluminum Fence Edition

Aluminum Fence

Myth busters: Aluminum Fence

For many people, it’s difficult to tell the difference between aluminum and other fencing materials. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that aluminum fencing technology has improved greatly in recent years. Many people are not aware of the gorgeous options in aluminum fencing today.

Aluminum or Wrought Iron?

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a classic wrought iron fence and an aluminum replica. In fact, aluminum fences often hold up better than wrought iron as time goes on, as they are less likely to rust and show signs of wear, such as peeling paint.

If you’re looking for a less expensive, lower maintenance option but still want the antique wrought iron look, aluminum fencing might be the perfect choice for you!

Is Aluminum the Runt of the Litter?

It seems that one of the most common misconceptions about aluminum fencing is that it is not strong or durable enough to make a great fencing option. In fact, this isn’t true at all!

Aluminum will stand the test of time. Many pool fences are aluminum, as it is a way to keep young children from accidentally wandering in or trespassers from swimming after hours. Though it is not as heavy as other metals, such as steel, it can meet the average residential or commercial fencing requirements. It is aesthetically pleasing and still useful for security.

Are Aluminum Fences Old and Rusty?

Many people fear that their aluminum fence will rust quickly, but in fact, aluminum does not rust at all. Any unpainted portions of the fence may oxidize over time if they’re exposed to oxygen. This means that unpainted parts of the aluminum fence will change colors. However, rust does not actually form on this type of fence.

Aluminum fencing gets a bad name, but it’s actually a durable, affordable and beautiful type of fencing that can work for commercial or residential areas. Try it for yourself!