Keeping Your Fence Functional

Keeping Your Fence Functional

Fences are great, for both keeping things in and out of your yard. They provide you with peace of mind that your children and/or pets can safely play outside without fear. Younger children may be tempted to wander off towards traffic or strangers, and pets can easily run off if they are not properly enclosed. By putting up a fence, you can prevent accidents from happening while allowing your loved ones to enjoy the great outdoors.

Why You Should Check Your Fence Periodically

You should always make sure that your fence is in working condition. This means routinely checking for damage, broken links or boards, rust, or rot. Damaged fences can be hazardous and easily cause harm to those who are not paying attention, in addition to compromising the safety of your yard and home. By knowing when to replace your fence and what to check for to keep your fence functional, you can have peace of mind for years to come.

Maintaining Chain Link Fences

For wire fences, you need to regularly check the links for breaks and rust. Both of these are important in maintaining a functional chain link fence. You should check the fence daily, if possible, or at least, before children or pets go outside.

Rust—Although rust is expected to happen over time and won’t necessarily compromise your fence’s integrity, you should still keep a watchful eye on it. If the links become brittle or start to break periodically from the rust, then it is definitely time to replace the fence.

Broken Chain Links—Chain links will break from time to time from wear and tear or rust. For the most part, as long as large sections are not missing, the broken links are acceptable and should be expected. However, if there are large gaps in which your child or an animal could fit through, then consider replacing it. Animals or children squeezing through the gaps can easily injure themselves on the sharp points of the breaks.

Taking Care of Picket Fences

Like wire fences, there are two main things you should watch out for: broken boards and rot. Both of these factors should be expected, especially as your fence ages, but take care to monitor the wear and tear of the boards to prevent injury to pets and children and maintain the integrity of the yard.

Broken Boards—Broken boards can easily be replaced and should be tended to immediately. These boards can harm children and animals, so make sure you check your fence periodically. Loose, missing, or broken boards can also allow unwanted animals into your backyard.

Rot—Boards are susceptible to the elements, and over time you may notice that they start to rot. These should also be replaced immediately. If you do find a rotted board, check the others to ensure that they are not rotten as well. If multiple boards are showing signs of rot, you should consider having your fence replaced.

Remember to Check Your Fence Daily

By following these simple guidelines, you can rest assured that you will have quality security for years to come. Remember to check the fence daily, if possible. If you are ever in doubt, replace the fence. It is better to be safe than sorry.