Keeping Your Family Safe with Pool Fencing

Keeping Your Family Safe with Pool Fencing

 Pool FencingIf you enjoy the use of a back yard pool, or if anyone in your family does so, it would be a good idea to take a few moments to look at the safety set up of the pools you use. This inspection is particularly critical if there are young children in the immediate family, or  in the extended family that visits occasionally, or even in the neighborhood.

Statistics regarding swimming pools and children are truly sobering. All too often, parents or family members have assumed that they could keep an eye on their kids to ensure their safety, not realizing how very quickly a child can become endangered.

The World Health Organization tracks statistics related to child drowning and near-drowning statistics, and the numbers show that private pools pose the most severe drowning danger for children, above even bathtubs.

Numbers fluctuate from year-to-year and state-by-state, but in a state such as Florida with high numbers of private pools, the numbers are staggering, with as high a percentage as eighty five percent of infant and toddler drowning deaths being attributed to private pools.

Clearly even the best intentions of caretakers can fall short of what is needed, but a security fence around the pool can do the job without question. Installing pool fencing can be key, whether it is a full blown security structure that would keep strangers out, or a less fortified option designed primarily to keep small children a safe distance from the water.

Protecting children from the pool also has side benefits of protecting the pool owners from any form of liability if another person’s child should accidentally approach the water. Even aside from legal liabilities, you can be protecting yourself from the guilt and grief that would follow such an accident.