Is Metal the Best Choice for Your Fence?

Metal the Best Choice for Your FenceIs Metal the Best Choice for Your Fence?

While the white picket fence has always conjured images of quaint suburban life, plenty of homeowners have embraced metal fencing that offers unique benefits in both appearance and functionality. Read on, and you might discover that metal is the best choice for your fence as well.

Becoming a Part of History

Wrought ironwork, meaning hand-shaped iron, was popular among the wealthiest Americans during colonial times. They paid steep prices to equip their brick and stone townhouses with beautiful iron fences. By the 19th century, blacksmithing became a domestic profession and more homeowners were able to embellish their homes with ornamental iron fences. In today’s modern economy, wrought iron fences are still available, but many homeowners prefer to use steel or weatherproof aluminum to create more durable versions of colonial wrought iron.

As you consider the type of metal that you might want to use for the best choice for your fence, take into consideration the level of detail you hope to achieve, how much maintenance you want (or don’t want), and your ideal budget. There is definitely a metal out there that can match your vision.  

Tubular Steel

With tubular steel, sheets of steel are bent into hollow pickets, posts, and rails. Panels are welded together and screwed into posts to create a strong and attractive fence. In fact, this form of steel is strong enough to accommodate 8-foot-long panels, which equates to fewer fence posts around your property. Since steel can scratch and rust, you need to be prepared for more maintenance with this selection.

Tubular Aluminum

This type of metal nearly matches the appearance of steel, but is four times lighter and never rusts. Aluminum has become a very popular fence material, thanks to its impressive durability and low maintenance. If you want an elegant metal fence that doesn’t require much maintenance, this is the choice for you.

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