Inspect Your Fence

Inspect Your Fence

Inspect Your Fence

Remembering to inspect your fence every year can save you time and money. Damage in a fence tends to spread quickly, so it’s important to catch weak spots early before they get out of hand. Inspect your fence at the same time every year to make it a habit.

How to Inspect Your Fence

Walk your entire fence line while looking for damage. While walking, look at the fence from top to bottom, ensuring you see the entire thing. Push it a little to see if it moves, while looking for any weak spots.

If you notice large amounts of algae or moss, this may mean excessive moisture has collected in that area. Keep an eye on that area, because it is more likely to have problems in the future.

Make sure to evaluate your fence posts. Since this is a main structural point, if there is any damage, make sure to get it corrected quickly. While looking at the posts, check for signs of decay or rotting wood. Give them a shake as well to check for weak points.

Decide What to Fix

After you inspect your fence, it is time to decide what needs fixing right away and what can wait. Any fence posts that show signs of weakness should be top priority. Boards and nails can be replaced quickly, so those should be on the top of the list as well. Fencing with algae or moss can wait, but watch the area to catch problems fast.

Inspecting your fence the same time every year can help cut down on the cost of fencing. By inspecting the fence, you can catch problems quickly and fix them to avoid worse future problems. Once inspected, make a list of what to fix on the fence first and work your way down.