Important Things to Consider Before You Have a Fence Installed

 Fence Installed

Things to Consider Before You Have a Fence Installed

Having a fence installed around your residential property has lots of advantages, from increased security to clearer boundaries and safer containment for your kids and pets. However, before you go ahead and get one installed, there are a few things to consider.

Decide What You Want Your Fence to Do for You

Do you want a fence for privacy reasons? Does it need to look attractive or will it be purely for safety purposes? According to the president of the American Fence Association (AFA) the first thing homeowners should consider when installing new fencing is what you want to achieve from doing so. This in turn, will help you determine what type of fence you need, where it should go and ultimately, how much you’ll need to spend to achieve these goals.

Get this right, and you’ll narrow down your options significantly, making it easier for your fencing contractor to give you what you want.

Do You Know Where Your Boundaries Are?

This may be obvious in some cases, especially if you live on a corner lot, but sometimes the boundary lines between properties lines can get a little blurry, especially if you share an access point like a driveway with a neighbor, or there are no existing boundary markers in place. If you’re at all unclear, it’s always best to seek professional advice so as to avoid disputes with neighbors further down the line.

Are There Any Legal Restrictions in Your Area or Permits/Permissions That Need to be Obtained First?

Certain areas fall under local ordinances or are subject to the rules of residents’ housing associations which can limit how high your fence is, what it can be built from, or which side of the fence should face your neighbors. You may also need a permit to build certain types of fences. When in doubt, get a survey done or check with your local authority or HOA.

Finding a Professional Fence Installation Company

As certified building contractors and fencing specialists, West Florida Fence is well-placed to help you avoid any potential problems, as well as supply you with a wide range of fencing solutions. To find out more, call 813 251 5883 today.