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If you are looking for the highest quality security gates available for your home, business, or school, then West Florida Fence has exactly what you’re looking for. All of our security gates are either custom fabricated in our shop or come from only the top manufactures in the industry to ensure you have the most reliable and top quality gates on the market. At West Florida Fence in Tampa Bay, our team has the knowledge and skills to help you assemble a customized security enclosure around the properly.

As a business, home, or educational facility owner, site security is of the utmost importance. Unauthorized entry poses a threat to those who belong on your property. Having security fence and gates will allow only those you want on your grounds and in your buildings. There have already been too many tragedies in homes, schools, and businesses where people were put in danger because a security gate and fence system wasn’t in place. Let West Florida Fence give you the peace of mind knowing that you have provided a secure environment for those who count on you.

Some of our many products for gated security include:

-> Chain link, Aluminum, and Wrought Iron Security Fence
-> Exterior and Interior Security Enclosures
-> Electric Security Gates
-> Driveway Security Gates
-> Emergency Exit Alarms
-> Barbed Wire
-> And more

At West Florida Fence, we offer a variety of different options when choosing the proper security gate for your needs. Our company offers electric gates, automatic gates, and gate operators that allow easy access for authorized users while maintaining maximum security. Many customized styles are available including swing, slide, or cantilever gates. West Florida Fence has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with a variety of solutions to choose from to suit your specific gate and security needs. We know that every one of our customers have unique needs, and with the many options we offer, you can create a custom security gate system that is right for you.

Our security fence options include; chain link, aluminum and wrought iron security fences. We’ll help you choose which material best fits your needs and then go through our many additional security features. We also offer exterior and interior security enclosures, driveway security gates, emergency exit alarms, barbed wire and much more. When you work with the professionals at West Florida Fence, know that when you have one of our systems installed, you can be confident that it’s been done right and your property will be secure.

West Florida Fence is licensed and insured, unlike many other security gate contractors in Florida. Our company can handle even the largest jobs and do it right.. Call us today at 813-251-5883 for a free quote, and receive the security you deserve. You can also contact us by clicking here.

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