Fencing Plays Role in Resident Safety

Fencing Plays a Large Role in Resident Safety

Homeowners, business owners, cities, and towns all rely upon fences for different purposes. Homeowners may need fencing to keep their pets safe, maintain privacy from neighbors, or enhance their feeling of resident safety. Business owners, meanwhile, utilize fencing for security purposes and often even to improve the atmosphere around their venue. In Mount Vernon, Ohio, the city is now funding a fence project for visitor and resident safety.

Resident Safety fenceMount Vernon, Ohio is a 9.6 square mile city that was founded in 1805. Rich in charm, history, and personality, it’s a small town that prides itself on friendly neighbors and personalized service. Mayor Richard K. Mavis welcomes visitors and serves residents to create a city that is a wonderful place to live, visit, work, place, and study. In particular, Mount Vernon is proud of its Kokosing Gap Trail, community parks, and walking paths.

One park in particular, the Ariel-Foundation Park, is the subject of new construction that aims to keep resident safety our first priority. The east lake at Ariel-Foundation park is surrounded by a sidewalk that passes the lake and goes underneath a railroad bridge. Since the walk is so close to the water, Mavis approved a $40,902 Nature Works grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources so that the city can construct a safety fence along the path.

According to City Engineer Brian Ball, the fence will be a heavy fence much like the one the city already constructed along the Kokosing River. It will ensure that no walkers- especially children- fall into the water as they enjoy their walk along the lake’s path. This is an important construction effort for the city in order to prevent potential tragedies.

It’s common for heavy safety fences to be constructed of durable materials that can also withstand environmental elements. This is especially relevant in Ohio, where winter weather commonly becomes severe. Aluminum is an excellent option for a security fence because the metal is light and easy to work with but incredibly strong. It isn’t weakened by wind, rain, or snow, and it will not cost the city much extra money in maintenance.