Fencing For Commercial Enclosures Can Help Hide The Dumpster

Fencing For Commercial Enclosures Can Help Hide The Dumpster

Dumpster security is not often high on the list of business considerations. After all, who wants to make sure their trash is safe from thieves?

However, fencing for commercial enclosures to hide a dumpster eyesore or to protect the unit from pilferage, vandalism, and misuse is required in some communities and preferred by businesses who want to maintain a proper public persona. These commercial enclosures may have to meet legal guidelines and must be thoroughly accessible while keeping the trash out of sight.

Commercial Enclosures

Let The Dumpster Blend

A good commercial enclosure for a dumpster will be built with aesthetics in mind and typically can be constructed to match the style of the parent building. For a commercial enclosure of this type, various materials can be employed in custom built dumpster fences to hide it from view as well as reduce damage from wind and normal use.

These materials can include:

Aluminum louvers
Chain link and slats
Chain link and wind screens
Wood filler

Pressure treated lumber can be combined with gates to effectively do the job. The size, positioning, materials, and accessibility must all be checked with local ordinances governing these commercial enclosures.

Add Value With Commercial Enclosures

With the right style and type of commercial enclosure, a business can not only increase security and hide unsightly equipment, but can also add value to the property. It will upgrade the curb appeal and create a better relationship with neighbors by keeping debris from escaping and blowing around the street.

Custom sized fencing or security boxes can be used for power boxes, gas tanks, equipment sheds, and other exposed items in addition to dumpsters. In some cases, these enclosures can be used to lower a company’s theft insurance exposure.