Fences You Can Get That Will Help Your Furry Pet

Furry Pet

Fences You Can Get That Will Help Your Furry Pet

Many pet lovers, particularly those of the canine persuasion, recognize and relish the chance to give their beloved dogs an outdoor area where they may play and roam freely. Some dog owners invest in an “invisible fence,” which creates an unseen barrier of electricity that shocks the dog when he ventures too close to the boundary. These owners may reason that they prefer not to subject their dogs to the restrictions of a physical fence.

The Invisible Fence – Pros, Cons and an Alternative

At first glance, the “invisible fence” may seem like a harmless option to keep Fido safe from the dangers beyond the border. However, experts have observed that this negative reinforcement technique may do more harm than good. In some cases, it can actually make mild-mannered dogs more aggressive towards familiar humans.

What does invisible fence for dogs have to do with fencing? For the friends of the furry, everything! If the negative effects of the invisible fence are as real as some experts claim, then we must consider less harmful alternatives. But, what would be the positive alternative to keep Spot safe but free from physical and emotional harm?

Dog Runs – The Safer Solution

The physical alternative is known as a dog run, which is a fenced-in area that allows dogs of various sizes the freedom to roam. Most dog runs are easy to construct and inexpensive to maintain. Most importantly, they provide a humane alternative to the electro-shock approach of the invisible fence.

The investment you make in constructing and maintaining a dog run for your little Rover will seem like nothing when you consider the emotional returns you receive from your happy and anxiety-free pet. Contact a local fencing company today to see the various options you have in fencing your yard for your canine colleague! You and your furry pet will be glad you did!