Fence Repairs for Different Fence Types

Wooden Fence RepairsFence Repairs for Different Fence Types

Whether your fence is for privacy, to keep in pets and children, or to keep out unwanted guests, you’ll want your fence to be in good repair. Unfortunately, no matter how well you try to maintain your fence, there is the distinct possibility that it will need repairs eventually. Here are the most common fence repairs depending on type of fence.

Wooden Fence Repairs

Rot is the wooden fence’s worst enemy, and it is often a problem that you can’t see until it is far too late. Most of the time rot happens to the part of the fence post that cannot be seen. It is the part that is buried in the ground. This is because the ground holds moisture on the wood, which is what causes rot. You may not even realize that you have a problem until your fence posts begin breaking.

Chain Link Fence Repairs

Because chain link fences are made of largely untreated metal, they can often be prone to rust. You could find that you have to replace whole sections of your chain link fence due to rust. Keep an eye on your fence so that if rust does appear you can get it repaired before the problem spreads.

Vinyl Fence Repairs

Vinyl fences are just about the most durable fence you can install, but they can still sometimes need to be repaired. Violent storms, pets, or children applying pressure to the fence or a large object hitting the fence can still damage it. Make sure you call for repairs right away.

If you have a fence in need of repair, contact us today so we can come out and inspect your fence. We can let you know if just a few points need to be repaired or if a fence replacement might be more effective.