Fence Building Neighborhood Etiquette

 Fence Building Neighborhood Etiquette.Fence Building Neighborhood Etiquette

Are you thinking about adding a fence around your property? If so, when you are considering what type of fence you want to install, you need to consider your neighbors. Installing a barbed wire fence in the middle of suburbia, for example, probably wouldn’t go over very well. It is important that you take your neighbors into consideration and make sure that you are not violating any regulations. This is Fence Building Neighborhood Etiquette.

Property Lines

If you are not 100 percent sure about where the property line is between you and your neighbor, you need to contact a surveyor to come out and mark the boundary. In fact, you should get a surveyor even if you and your neighbor agree as to where the boundary is. If your neighbor ever sells the house and the new owners make an issue, you need to be able to legally stand your ground for placement of the fence.

Homeowners Association

When you belong to a homeowners association, you will usually have additional requirements or restrictions for building your fence. There may be rules about height of the fence, the type of fence, or other attributes common to fences. You will need to talk to the head of the association to get instructions as to what these rules are and what is allowed. 

Curb Appeal

If you don’t want to upset your neighbors or drive down the value of your home, you should not install any fence that will take away from the curb appeal of your property. The fence should improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home. A pleasing curb appeal will also keep your neighbors happy. Again another form of Fence Building Neighborhood Etiquette.

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