Different Types of Fences

Types of Fences

Different Types of Fences

There are many reasons for choosing to fence in your yard. How do you know which type of material to build the fence from? First, you must look at the different types of fences and the roles they play. From there, you can make a better decision about the materials used to build the fence.


Fencing enclosures are to keep something in, normally children, pets, or both. The main goal is for them not to get out. A tall and sturdy fence is best suited to keep both children and pets in the yard. A good choice is a chain link fence or cedar fence.


Decorative fences are just for looks. These are mostly made of iron, vinyl, or picket fencing. Decorative fencing is chosen depending on the look and style of your home. Decide on a white picket fence for a classic look, or an iron fence for a more dramatic look.


Another reason to choose a fence is for security purposes. These are meant to keep people out and the inside secure. A stone fence or tall wooden fence are great choices in this category. Make sure they are tall enough so intruders cannot climb them.


Privacy fences help to block noise and keep people from seeing into your yard. If you are a private person, a privacy fence is for you. A wooden fence is the best choice in this category. Stone works as well, but stay away from chain link fencing.

No matter what your reason for building a fence is, you want to make sure you have the right materials. Whether it’s wood, stone, or chain, make sure to evaluate your reasons for wanting a fence. Once you decide what your primary reason is, it is time to pick out materials!