Construction Site Security: The Dangers of Falling Objects

Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are very dangerous and a minor mistake can lead to major injuries to pedestrians and construction workers. The injured persons can sue the construction company, thus leading to lengthy, expensive lawsuits. It is the responsibility of a construction company to keep the construction site safe, otherwise they are exposed to claims of negligence.

It is the duty of the construction company to use barricades to limit access to the site. Pedestrians should keep a safe distance from construction sites to prevent injuries. It is the duty of the construction company to post warning signs to all access points in the site. It should also ensure that all workers at the sites have protective gear such as face shields and hard hats.

The construction company should ensure that the site is closed at night, inspect construction equipment properly, train workers on the safe use of equipment and machinery, secure materials on cords and hooks properly and ensure that it uses safety devices to prevent falling debris and objects such as tool guards, brace structures, catch platforms and debris nets.

Falling objects in a construction site would lead to pain and suffering to the injured person, plus lost wages if the injured person was working, as they have to spend time off their duties until the injuries are healed. Loss of the normal life of the injured person due to severe injuries as well as medical expenses that one had not planned for. All valid reasons for suing the construction company. Falling objects can also lead to death.

As much as it is the duty of the construction company to keep sites safe, pedestrians should also take responsibilities of their own lives. All employees should be taught how to use protection systems and about the possible hazards of falling objects. This will help if an injured person sues the construction company due to negligence and breach of its duties. Liability of the injury depends on the details of the accident. If it is negligence by the company, the injured person can sue it for damages. Equipment at construction sites should use reflectors for visibility at night.

One can decide to file a lawsuit depending on the nature of the accident. Find out whether the construction company has an insurance policy to cover your injuries. This will help you collect the damage award that a jury may hand you after the trial. If the injuries are not severe, your insurance policy can cover you, thus no need for filing a lawsuit. Let’s all be responsible for our lives.