Choosing a Fencing Contractor

Choosing a Fencing Contractor

There are great fencing contractors out there, but also some that are more than happy to give you a good sales pitch, take your money, and run. The good news is that with a little bit of research, you should end up with the fences, gates, and contractor of your dreams.

Some factors are nonnegotiable: they should give written quotes and estimates, and be licensed and certified with your state. Confirm license numbers via online registries or by calling local regulatory agencies.

Check their background and integrity:

Do they have a website? Be skeptical; verify details. Cross-check physical addresses on a map or via drive-by. Call phone numbers — do you get a recording or a real person?

Are they insured? Are insurance limits high enough to cover the work you need? This is particularly important with custom jobs, large residences, or commercial venues.

How long have they been in the business? Check their experience.

Research their reputation:

Community feedback? Neighbors, local consumer sites, or magazines can all let you know what others have to say.

Better Business Bureau complaints? If so, see if and how they were resolved.

Contractor association affiliations? Which ones, and why is that membership important?

Call them to see how competent and competitive they are:

Have they done jobs like yours — commercial or residential, large or small? The best gate or fence is no good if installation and workmanship are subpar. Ask for pictures or (better yet) drive by.

What can they do that the others can’t? Any additional skills and experience that will add value to your job?

Do they discuss the quality of their work, or are they just rushing you to make a purchase? Don’t be rushed — if a company is reputable, they’ll take the time to earn your business at a fair price.

Do they offer manufacturers’ warranties on gates and fences? Warranties on their labor?

Do they accept all forms of payment? If they operate on cash only or want cash up-front, it’s a yellow flag. Ask about financing if that’s important to you.

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