Benefits of a Security Fence for Your Business

Security FenceBenefits of Installing a Security Fence for Your Business

In addition to the security cameras you use to monitor your business and watch for criminals, you should also consider installing a security fence. There are many reasons that a business of any size can benefit from the additional layer of safety provided by a security fence or gate. 

Whether you’re currently attempting to deter crime or want to stop the problem before it begins, consider these benefits of installing a security fence around your business. 

A Strong Foundation

Every great security fence starts with a permanent concrete foundation. This foundation will prevent the fence from being knocked over, blown over, or otherwise damaged. In addition to a strong foundation, a high-quality security fence will also be made of materials like aluminum and other durable choices that can withstand just about any form of pressure or damage.  (more…)

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Add a Security Fence to Your School

Three Reasons to Add a Security Fence to Your SchoolThree Reasons to Add a Security Fence to Your School

In a world filled with random violence and school shootings, it is natural for parents and administrators to be worried about the safety of children attending school. There are many different ways that administrators and teachers can help keep kids safe while they are at school, and you could add a security fence to your school with gates can be just one of them. Here are three reasons to add a security fence to your school.

Control Site Visitors

Most schools today have doors that remain locked from the outside so that administrators can control who comes into the building. However, schools that have multiple entrances and no security guards on staff could still see unwelcome and unregistered visitors through side doors where no one is watching. Erecting a security fence and installing gates can help force visitors to enter one main door where they will be registered and conduct their business. (more…)

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The Most Important Components of a Security Gate


Most Important Components of a Security Gate

Components of a Security Gate

The world may have once been a place where locking the doors at night wasn’t a priority, but unfortunately our society has evolved to make crime more prevalent. This makes the components of a security gate incredibly important for homes and businesses alike that need to ensure no unwanted visitors enter. Security gates boast many different components based on their specific use, such as emergency exit gates, security access gates, and more.


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Ways to Use a Safety Fence

Safety FenceThere’s More than One Way to Use a Safety Fence

Find a map and point your finger to a random location, and chances are there will be a fence located somewhere in that vicinity. Fences are ubiquitous throughout the country for many different reasons that include privacy, security, and aesthetics. Security fences or a safety fence in particular serve a variety of purposes, from protecting charities to saving elephants.

Security Fence or Safety Fence for Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an incredibly important organization in America and around the world. It helps more than 30 million people just in America alone to receive the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, and warmth. The Salvation Army’s services are wide ranging, from veterans affairs services, prison ministries, hunger relief, Christmas assistance, youth camps, and emergency disaster relief, just to name a few. (more…)

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Proof that Safety Fences Serve a Purpose

Safety Fences

Safety Fences Serve a Purpose

As towns, cities, homes, and buildings are constructed closer and closer together, safety fences have become commonplace to serve as barriers, forms of privacy, and even measures of security. The job of fences to provide security in particular has generated some rather interesting news stories.

For example, Charlie Kimball brought an IndyCar Series event to a terrified halt in 2015 when his car snapped, became airborne, and flew into the fence built specifically to catch out-of-control cars.  Kimball was able to leverage the fence to slow his car down and spin out of the crash to avoid any major injuries. Although he had to drive the rest of the race in a backup, he managed to escape with only a bruise and one cut on his chin! (more…)

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Keep Your Property Safe with a Security Gate

 Security Gate

Keep Your Property Safe with a Security Gate

An unfortunate fact of the modern world is that criminal attempts on businesses, homes, and schools are occurring with increasing frequency.  Too many innocent lives have already been lost due to security-based tragedies, so protecting the people inside of your property is a responsibility of the utmost importance. A security gate is the first defense to stop unwanted visitors and intruders, but not all security gates are created equal.

Your security gate must be properly customized for your needs and built with the best materials available. The right security gate needs to allow access to approved visitors while keeping it impossible for an unauthorized guest to enter the premises.

Security gates can be tailored to your exact specifications. Would you prefer chain link, aluminum, or wrought iron? What about an electric gate, automatic gate, or gate operator? Would a swinging, sliding, or cantilever gate work best in your environment? With so many choices, your customized gate will fit your exact security needs. (more…)

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The Top Five Things You Can Do to Make Your Business More Secure

More Secure

Top Five Things You Can Do to Make Your Business More Secure

If you own a business that requires to you to store lots of expensive products on site, you’ll know how potentially devastating a theft could be to your bottom line.  Although you may recover your losses via insurance, the potential damage to your reputation may be harder to fix, especially if you rely on customer goodwill or your reputation to do business.

The best way to combat such potential headaches is to prevent them from happening in the first place and make your business more secure. Here are our top five tips for making your business less of a target: (more…)

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Which Type of Fence Should You Get for Your Pool Area?

Pool Area

Which Type of Fence Should You Get for Your Pool Area?

When it comes to fences, gates, and security enclosures, most Floridians have to decide which materials are best for specific areas of their home and yard. Because pool fencing serves a very practical and important purpose for homeowners, some may feel torn about which type of fencing best suits their needs.

Pool fences help keep people and pets away from your pool along with adding some security for people with small children running around the yard. When deciding which fence type is best for your needs, you have to consider if just a perimeter or privacy fence is enough, or if you also need an interior pool fence separate from the rest of the yard. (more…)

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Liability and a Pool Fence: What’s Your Risk?

Liability and a Pool Fence

pool fenceMany animals are born with the ability to swim, but humans must learn and practice to be able to swim with ease. Drowning in a pool of water is a major cause of accidental deaths for children under the age of 14 years. It’s therefore important to teach them how to swim earlier, because as they grow older they are more likely to be around water when you are not present, like during school trips. Swimming is an essential life skill to master to give you peace of mind when your child is away. If you know how to swim, you can save a pet or someone’s life.

Swimming is an enjoyable way to workout, strengthening the entire body from the legs and arms. As kids are kicking, pushing and pulling through the water, a lot of muscles are working at the same time. You’ll be surprised to learn that children perform better in schools if they practice swimming regularly. Scientific studies have reported that kids who swam during their developmental years score higher in subjects that test both mental and physical capacities, than those who don’t know how to swim. (more…)

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Security Fencing: What’s Best for Your Property?

Security Fencing

Security Fencing: What’s Best for Your Property?

Regardless of the type and size of your property, security fencing is really important as it does more than serve its purpose. What is really interesting about it is that you have plenty of different types of fences to choose from. Essentially, you can always find one that best fits your purpose while enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

The benefits are plenty, here are to name a few:

A Cost Effective Solution

If you choose to have a mesh fence installed, you will come to realize it is far more effective than any other option you already had in mind. It is true that you have other alternatives to choose from, but none come close the security that fencing has to offer. You will be able to overcome any and almost all security concerns without going over budget.

Why pay for expensive security solutions when you can opt for a cost effective solution such as metal fencing. Additionally, a well laid fence should define and establish the boundary of your property. Since these fences are tested to the limit, they last for longer and are cost effective in the long run. (more…)

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